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What is a fiber glass door?

It is a type of garage door made of glass particles, designed to provide a translucent view from the inside while preventing the sun’s rays from directly entering your garage area. Furthermore, it gives an elegant and modern look from the outside.

When should I replace my door opener?

Door openers that are manufactured from 1993 and up to the present have a built-in auto reversing mechanism. This feature provides greater security and safety for your family and home. If your door opener was manufactured even earlier, perhaps you should consider replacing it. Our experts can assist you in replacing your old door opener.

Is it hard to repair parts alone?

Garage door repair is not always hard but in most cases it would involve high risks of you doing something wrong or getting hurt. When it comes to garage door springs, you'd better avoid them altogether not because you won't know what to do with them, but because they are very dangerous to handle.

What’s the most common cause of garage door jamming?

Most often, this problem occurs when one of the tracks is blocked or bent. It is interesting to note that obstructions typically cause bending when the rollers pass around them. In case of blockage, you should remove it safely after disconnecting the opener. Don’t use a sharp metal tool to avoid damaging the track. A bent track will require special repair.

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