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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Check out what our garage door contractor can do for you! Read here our customers' testimonials

Garage door company that offers unbeatable service cost to their customers.

Assistance with Chamberlain opener products

My garage door opener was getting kind of old and I thought of replacing it but I wanted to get a Chamberlain electric opener again. I was very pleased with this brand but wanted something more modern. Though, I had no idea about the new electric opener line of the manufacturer and asked the assistance of Cinco Ranch Garage Door Repair. The service was immediate and excellent. The staff informed me about the new openers and I appreciated that since I couldn't tell their differences on my own. Their assistance was amazing and the installation service was great and on time.

Very accurate garage door installation

The assistance of this garage door company when I was looking for a new garage door was really amazing! I got answers to my questions and great help from the staff. When the time for garage door installation came I couldn't help but noticing the excellence of the technicians. I recommend their work to everyone. I have never seen repairmen working with such dedication and I also liked that they checked the overhead door again and again before they left. They also took the old garage door for disposal and left me a clean garage. Very professional garage door service!

Top tips for new garage doors

I was looking for a new garage door for quite some time but I couldn't make up my mind because I didn't know if I would make the right choice. Someone from the office suggested I should seek assistance at Cinco Ranch Garage Door Repair. The help from the staff was amazing! I liked the fact that they spent time to discuss a few things about what I want and what my needs are before they would make recommendations. They gave me pros and cons of materials, openers and door types and basically guided me on how to choose wisely. They were amazing.

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